Ariel Fogel

Scholarly Literature Reviews


I present here a list of blog posts I hope to regularly contribute. Depending on the theme of the post, the writing I hope to publish will likely appear in one of a few forms.

For technical software issues, I expect to lay out the problem, guide the reader through the solution, and perhaps discuss the perceived tradeoffs of the solution.

Posts that try to engage with scholarly literature will likely address the following questions:

  1. What is the main claim being made by the author?
    This includes defining important terms of art that are introduced by the author to make their argument.

  2. What did I like or think was noteworthy about the article I read?
    This might pertain to experimental design or an interesting theoretical contribution proposed by the article.

  3. What are some practical/translational implications of the article?
    Specifically, how might this article inform the educational products we're creating at Edurrhaphy?